About Us

Crate Ideas began with …… an idea!

We are passionate dog lovers – they give us so much love  so why wouldn’t we want the best for them.

With the prospect of adding another puppy to our family we knew we would definitely crate train.

We knew about the positive benefits of crate training but we have to admit, the thought of a wire cage covered with a blanket in our home wasn’t exactly our idea of a nice place for our lovely new puppy. With that in mind we decided to transform an ugly metal cage into a stylish, luxurious, cosy and comfy den.

With our background in design and manufacturing we were more than excited to develop and manufacture a beautiful range of  crate covers, bumpers and beds – here in the UK and we are thrilled with the results…..We hope you will be too.

We would like like to thank our canine models Teddy, Bagel, Poppy, Coco & Daisy, our own Minature Schnauzer puppy Monty - and not forgetting Dibley the Horse!